cell logoOCTOBER 2018 – PRESENT

CELL is a two-year long project by SFEA to impart skill-based training to SMEs and artisans, led by youth and women, in far-flung districts of Pakistan in order to enhance their working capacity and to create an organized and digitally empowered entrepreneurial development of SMEs and youth in Pakistan at grass-root level. Furthermore, the project creates spaces for SMEs and provides more exposure and opportunities to established and semi established SMEs thereby opening more national and international network, economic and trade avenues. With the support of national and international partners, the project aims to target 14 districts of Pakistan and prepare a pool of SMEs who will be given rigorous training on entrepreneurship, provincial advocacy seminars, followed by seed grants, university tours, collaborations with key stakeholders of the ecosystem and a foreign exchange program. CELL is a common platform for SMEs to promote economic and digital integration of SMEs and provide mentorship with the help of local and US-based partners for sustainable economic growth in Pakistan.