Community Action Projects (CAPs) by Salamti Fellows Cohort-I

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Our Salamti Fellows are conducting community engagement activities across Pakistan to manifest that they learnt from the platform of Salamti Fellowship Program.

Our Salamti Fellows are actively participating to enlighten their fellow citizens, colleagues and friends regarding peace education, awareness, critical reasoning and mindful activities. They are truly endorsing the meaning and responsibility of Peace Ambassadors through their initiatives and community activities. They are implementing their learnings of Salamti Fellowship Program in a unique way.

Haidr Ali Baig led an exclusive dialogue session by engaging locals and students of different institutions of Abbotabad. To the matter of fact, this session was one of its sort in Abbottabad where 30-40 individuals excitedly took part. This activity was aimed to discuss the social issues of Pakistan in particular and world in general. This positively impacted the participants as they got a platform to share their ideas, talk openly and to comprehend the fundamental examples of these issues.

Aman-e-Maraka Talks was launched at Altit Fort, Hunza on 28th May 2019. This was initiated by Ehsam Ullah Baig in collaboration with Pakistan Innovation Summit for Education (PISE) and Shaoor Foundation for Education & Awareness. The notables were invited to share their vision and opinions on current and emerging issues in community and mechanisms to tackle such problems. The immediate action was taken by DC Hunza to setup the committee regarding issues like suicides, better integration of education and health care units. It was the first ever initiative of such talks which hold the pioneer status for other young citizens who wants to organize & engage in such innovative platform to discuss about critical issues.