What We Do

SFEA is a community engagement specialist organization and works on five thematic areas:

  • Education and Social/Civic Awareness
  • Social and Political Peacebuilding and Countering Violent Extremism;
  • Promotion of Democracy and Governance in Pakistan.
  • Entrepreneurship and Youth Engagement particularly students in universities and religious schools.
  • Women Entrepreneurship (ICT4D as an essential tool)

For the first 7 years (2008-2015), SFEA focussed on first three thematic areas and introduced two new areas in 2015, considering them as need of the hour.

All these thematic areas are interlinked and the organization understands the connection, and consciously realizes the need to work with communities in a focused fashion. SFEA has separate team heads for all thematic areas who ensure that the mandate of organization is being followed, evolving an overall synergy and cohesion between different thematic areas.

Via an efficient network of our nongovernmental/civil society partners, we have worked with communities across Pakistan. Our relationship with our partners and communities enables us to work in challenging and remote areas with an excellent efficiency that is cost effective and yields impact.