AmnQalaab is the first ever all-inclusive campaign on the subject of peace and countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in Pakistan. The project is focused on building a counter-narrative (Peace narrative) in the Pakistani society through CVE and promoting peace education based on compassion, all-inclusiveness and non-violence. The initiative is working with academia, youth, think tanks and other like minded organizations which are instrumental for peace development in Pakistan. It has designed and implemented CVE strategies using socio-political communication tools and all forms of media and social media. AmnQalaab is conducting various Peace Camps in universities and community organizations, Guru Talks at religions seminaries and Mukalma Series connecting peace builders and seekers pan-Pakistan at one common platform to advocate SFEA’s philosophy of Compassion, All-inclusiveness, Non-violence (CAN). Not only this, AmnQalaab very successfully launched Pakistan’s first ever residential peace fellowship called “Salamti Fellowship” which had 30 participants under the age of 30 from all across Pakistan. The fellowship had a series of lectures, workshops and activities in one week. These “Salamti Fellows” then went back to their communities and carried out activities to sensitize masses on peace building and it’s an on-going activity. AmnQalaab also holds the honour of creating Pakistan’s first ever peace dialogue platform known as “National Peace Summit” which had speakers from all walks of life, directly associated to the cause of peace building or victims of violent extremism. Salamti Fellowship and National Peace Summit, are a regular feature of the project. The project has also designed and developed bilingual thematic publications which are distributed during peace events. “AmnQalaab reached out to “5000 Beneficiaries” from 14 districts all across Pakistan, both men and women of all ages.