DASTAK is a multi-sectoral capacity enhancement, community engagement, awareness-raising and social mobilization campaign aimed at engaging with and strengthening the capacity of communities at large in order to effectively counter gender-based violence across Pakistan. DASTAK has reached out to millions of people through social media and has provided support to hundreds of survivors of abuse and violence. DASTAK can also be credited for creating a credible GBV survivor support resource platform in order to improve access of victims of violence to support mechanisms and avenues of essential services such as helplines and shelter homes. DASTAK has contributed to several international days in order to raise awareness regarding women rights and GBV, wherein World Menstruation Day and International Women’s Day campaigns run by DASTAK were massively shared across electronic, print and social media. DASTAK has worked with 30+ GBV experts from across Pakistan. We aspire to work towards a tolerant, equitable and violence-free Pakistan